Adventures in South Korea

Hi family & friendsSmile,
Yesterday, January 17, 2009, Won Kum went to her great niece’s (So-yeong) one-year birthday party in Seoul.  The one-year-old birthday celebration is held in high regard by Koreans.  In this case the celebration took place at a large restaurant capable of handling and catering to several celebrations at once in several large halls and dining areas.  Besides the one-year birthday party a couple of other parties celebrating the honored guests seventy years of life were in process.  There was much merriment and noise by all the groups but each group remained separate and almost unaware of one another.  Great care is given to food preparation, presentation of the food, and quality of the food.  Fruit and traditional foods are carefully placed and presented to signify the blessings & hope of all the family and friends who attend the festivities.  Along with the food traditional Korean spirits (soju, maekju, etc.) are available for those so inclined.  Along with the abundant foods & drinks,  much singing, dancing, and socializing occurred among the guests.  After the festivities at the restaurant So-Yeong’s family members returned to the home of the baby’s paternal grandparents and contiuned the celebration.  My wife returned home at around 11:00 pm that night having enjoyed the festivities and bringing with her some leftover goodies for me to dine on.  She reported that all went well and everyone had a good time.  Next time, I’m going.  If I don’t want to stay the whole day, at least I can make the restaurant scene and enjoy the good food and visit with the family members who will indulge me.  RDHBirthday cakeGift with a bow 
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