It’s a great day at the Hesterly House in Pyeongnae, Korea.

My wife (Won Kum) and I received an email message from my son in Ooltewah, TN, close to Chattanooga, TN, that a blessing would soon come our way in a little bundle of joy.  My son Danny said that he was so excited that it reminded him of having an important football game where the adrenaline is almost overwhelming, except in this case the monumental event would last a life time.  I’m excited as well along with my wife.  We can’t wait until the blessed event occurs.  We are both excited in anticipation of our soon coming grandbaby.

Danny & Erin decided to go the old route that everyone went before the determination of sex could be establish prior to the actual birth.  There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing either way, but they chose the old fashion way.  They picked out a name for a boy and for a girl.  As for me I will admit I want a boy to carry on the Hesterly name.  The fondness for my name involves many complex issues in my life, but I want to do it for my Dad, who I lost at a very young age and hoped for many years to continue to honor him with a lineage that moved his name forward.  Genetically it makes no difference but there is something about the continuation of the Hesterly name that inspires a reverence from deep inside and way down in my Seoul.  I suppose this explanation is an apology for being so sentimental about it all.  If it’s a little girl, I will love her and adore her with all my heart, but my feeling about my family name remains as it is.

One of the most amazing part of the birth experience for me was going into the delivery room with my wife and coming out with three individuals instead of two.  It’s like, who is this wonderful creature joining us and what miracle brought this wonderful gift to us.  It feels like magic, and one that I didn’t deserve.  When a man has a wife like me to support him traveling through the twisted paths of life laid out for us, all things are possible.  I can never report or write how important it is for a man to have a good woman by his side.  I believe Danny has that in Erin who will join Danny in raising the most important gift ever giving them.  I am looking forward to the Danny and Erin’s adventures as they travel through life with their little one(s).

 Picture 8

This picture is for my grandbaby.  I have on my grandpa t-shirt and a big, Korean apple to signify that my new grandbaby is the apple of his Grandpa Hesterly’s eye.  His grandma feels the same way, and she is excited about the new arrival as I.  She’d like to be there and support Danny and Erin and hold the precious baby and cuddle him/her in her arms.  garland dale

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One Response to It’s a great day at the Hesterly House in Pyeongnae, Korea.

  1. Ann says:

    Bob I printed these out for Bill and he is really enjoying reading them himself this morning, even with his eye problems, Said these are very interesting. and is glad you are doing it, Makes me realize that all of us that are getting older should do this for our children. Thank you and tell Won hi, miss you both Gayala

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