-It’s a boy

Micah Robert Hesterly has arrived in fine fashion, born January 19, 2009.  He weighed 7.02 lbs. and measured 20” long.  Mother and son are doing fine and soon will be going home to Ooltewah, TN to begin adjusting to life outside the womb.  I suppose being exposed to gravity for the first time isn’t a pleasant experience, but he’ll soon get use to it as he builds up his muscles.  From his first pictures he looks like the precursor of an eventual strapping, young man.  A good looking fellow, if I do say so myself.  Reminds me of myself as I remember how I looked from some of my baby pictures still hanging around in different places in our extended family albums.  Both his great-grandpa Hesterly and myself were athletic and participated in manly competitions in the sporting field.  Great grandpa Hesterly wrestled in St. Louis, MO and became a high school state champion in his weight class.  As for me I was chosen first-team All Conference full-back as a member of the Norris City Cardinals football team that played in the Southern Illini High School Conference.  Micah Robert’s dad was a good athlete himself, but he can trumpet his own sporting accomplishments.  As anyone can see the newest Hesterly has a destiny to fulfill

While Grandma Hesterly was on the phone talking to Erin, she heard her grandson cry and her heart started racing with excitement.  The intensity of her response to her grandson’s cry surprised her, but left her excited and happy hearing for the first time her grandson’s voice.  Separated by thousands of miles of land and ocean, the cry of her grandson all the way from Chattanooga, TN to Seoul, Korea and heard clearly on her cell phone, stirred her heart and expressed her jubilation by pounding out the joy only a grandbaby can deliver with a health cry.  Tears come to my eyes as I write about the jubilation she expressed to me after she hung-up the phone.  Becoming grandparents is a far more profound experience than I ever imagined. 

P1020901Micah Robert looks healthy and strong in this picture.  He looks like he’s ready to handle any thing, with the help of his mom & dad, of course.  RDH

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