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Memories fade as the years go by.  Some remain readily available when something or someone pushes the right buttons; other ones are embedded deep-down into the inner portion of our brain where the mystery of them are so unknown that … Continue reading

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A Special Relationship

It snowed earlier this morning and lightly covered the sidewalks and streets.  It continued spitting a little snow as I began my journey to mail an important document back to the States.  The somewhat treacherous walk to the post office … Continue reading

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My Favorite T-Shirt

When my son went away to college to play football at President Ronald Reagan’s alma  mater at Eureka College,  he left his Track & Field t-shirt in the closet of his old room, which he shared with his younger brother, … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln: February 12, 1809, The Last Best Hope of Earth.

Upon my retirement I cancelled all my professional & magazine   subscriptions, allowed all of my professional certifications to expire, and discontinued my membership in The Lincoln Forum.  I chose this path as the first act of responding to a significant … Continue reading

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A Visit to my Sister-in-law’s Store

On the very day my wife planned an outing for us to visit her sister’s store located near the Olympic village in Seoul, my chronic back problem acted up.  I didn’t feel like going when I first awoke; but after … Continue reading

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A Foreigner in Korea

In my life time I’ve visited Korea four times with my first stay coming as a tour of duty with the United States Army beginning in the latter part of 1976 and ending in the waning month of May 1979.  … Continue reading

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