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The Little Tree Frog

In the Summer of 1972 I was sitting by my campfire thinking about my life and feeling very lonely.  I watched the glowing embers in my campfire pulsate as they gave off their heat.  I noticed the flames flicker up … Continue reading

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Little League Comes To Town

In the Summer of 1953, in a vacant field next to my grandma’s house, a bunch of us kids, some kin & some not, busied ourselves playing a game of bat & ball called five-dollars–a game whereby a batter throws … Continue reading

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What Now?

A small town somewhere In 1995 I ran for alderman in my small town, and like all other alderman running for office, I went out in my ward and canvassed for votes.   I came upon one man outside doing some … Continue reading

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How Much Is It?

Our apartment is located close to a bus stop with regular bus service throughout the day and evening.  The fee is inexpensive and one can choose from several different routes, e.g. route 165, 65, or 9-7.  The bus my wife … Continue reading

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