A Great Day for Ron Santo

After Aramis Ramirez  hit his walk-off homer in the bottom of the 11th in the 3rd game of four at Wrigley Field in Chicago and broke my heart, my thoughts (4-18-09):

The first series this year between the Cubs and the Cardinals have lived up to its reputation of being one of intense rivalry without the vulgarity often associated with such affairs.  The first three games have gone down to the wire with the fourth game scheduled for the 19th of April, 2009.  Both managers have gone all out to win each game using up all their ammunition in tying to defeat one another.  The fans on each side feel an emotional involvement with every pitch, every inning, and intensified in this series by two of the three games played thus far going into extra innings.  A sigh of relief is felt and tension relieved after runners are left stranded.  Elation comes when your team escapes defeat and wins.  I’m hoping for the Cards to even the series, but if they don’t, it’s early in the season and losing a series to the dreaded Cubs is not the end of the world even though it feels like it every time I swallow.  Go Cards!

The Sunday game on April 19, 2009 between the Cubs & Cardinals was postponed because of inclement weather, therefore we will never know what would have happened if they played.  As a Cardinal fan I cannot say that the Cards would have won the game and tied the series.  A game played later counts just as much, but for me it no longer counts in this series as it becomes an isolated make-up game.  My conclusion then is that the Cubs got the better of it this series, and I will have to wait until a later day for redemption.  I congratulate my son for his Cubs early domination of the Cards, but like all good baseball fans know, there will be another series later.  I expect to find the Cards ready to do battle again on the diamond and for the outcome to be different.

As for this series it was fun to watch and exciting to experience.  I spent most of the series believing the Cards had won; then I believed they had lost, never for sure who would win until the last batter made the last out.  Both teams lived up to the great rivalry that has arisen over the years.  I am looking forward to their remaining games, hoping that Carpenter can come back and contribute.  Regardless if he returns or not, not having Carpenter around can never be used as an excuse for losing.  All fans must face the fact that sometimes the other team is better and that is why they got beat.  If that happens this year, so be it.  As long as they play as hard as they did in this series, I can accept whatever transpires.  For my precious son, Thomas Jay (The Lifting Machine), good luck and may the best team win.                                                  Garland Dale

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