Hooray! Avast Antivirus Home Edition

This past week I was searching the Internet for some information for my blog. During my search I logged onto a site that set off an alarm with flashing and a vocal warning that a virus had invaded my computer.  Within several seconds my Avast antivirus program gave me several option to combat the invasion of a virulent Internet disease.  I chose to delete the infected files instead of the other two choices provided by Avast.  I can only remember one of the other two choices offered by Avast–to isolate it and fence it in.  It was so easy to defeat the invader that I had some doubt that it had been taking care of.

Immediately I ran a thorough scan on all of my computer and archive files to check for the presence of any virus.  It took a while for all the files to be checked.  I didn’t run any other programs so that the time of knowing the status of my computer could be determined as fast as possible.  It still took a long time, especially when your waiting in the dark of night wondering if the problem was fixed that easily.  Finally, the results came back with a clean bill of health.

I knew that deleting some files might cause some problems with some of my programs, so I stayed alert to any major or minor problems I might encounter.  I found some sound problems on my MLB.com TV program.  I removed my Adobe Flash Player active X & Nexdef plug-in and then downloaded them again—no more sound problems.  I removed IE-8 after noticing some other small problems with my Windows Live.  After downloading IE-8 once again, everything on Windows Live ran about the same as before the sneak attack.  All is well that ends well.

Whether or not my removing and adding the programs above made any difference, I think it did.  CNET rated it as an excellent antivirus program, and I must say I am very satisfied with the Avast antivirus program.  Its antivirus chest of tools did the trick.  garland dale      

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