My Team, My Health

In April the Cardinals played well and looked liked world champions.  In the first half of May they played like bottom dwellers doomed for the remainder of the season to hover there.  Just as suddenly as their game went South, they somehow snapped out of their slump and began playing like champions again.  They corrected their wayward course in the middle of May through excellent pitching, both starting & relief.  Their hitting remained less than stellar, but good pitching can carry a team for a time.  It’s important for the remainder of the season for starting pitcher, Chris Carpenter, to remain healthy & for outfielders Ryan Ludwick and Rick Ankiel (both recently off the disable list) to remain healthy & play regularly.

I went to see my doctor on May 18th about feeling fatigued more than usual, and because I experienced some swelling in my feet.  I thought that my medicine may be causing me some mild side effects after checking out that subject on an Internet web site.

The doctor’s office is a short, 5-minute walk from my apartment and accepts only walk-in appointments.  Upon arrival I went to the reception desk and signed in.  My wait was short as I was second on the list.  After saying “Hi” to Dr. Yoon I told him of my problem as I removed my sock on my right foot.  He looked at my foot and pushed softly on the flesh around my shin bone.  He said that I had no edema and that the slight swelling in my foot was of no concern.  As to my fatigue, he looked at me and said, “you’re over sixty now and it is natural for you to have less energy.”  I thought about what he said for a moment and responded, “I can’t deny I’m over sixty; that’s for sure.”  He asked me to return in one month, and we would do some lab work.

As I left, I thought about what just transpired between us and would have walked out the door without paying the co-pay except for the nurse’s yell to return.  Embarrassed, I returned and paid my small fee.  Later, thinking about the doctor’s visit, I laughed as I thought how being over sixty could answer every medical worry I have now and might have in the future.  garland dale

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3 Responses to My Team, My Health

  1. Danny says:

    We love you all the same Dad!

  2. nani says:

    Koreans…eh, they say things that others would keep to themselves. Or at least in my experience that has proven to be true. No worries father. In regards to your team, you have seen pitchers throw strikes and pitchers throw balls, batters hit home runs and batters swing and miss, series won and series lost, coaches come and coaches go, but you are their constant, watching them in their champion state and in their worse. That’s devotion.

  3. Ann says:

    You should have been dancing out of the door, haha that is good news that it is just age creeping up. as Bill say’s. this isn’t the golden years as everyone always told us about but the rusty years. Still have my hopes up that one day Wesley my nephew will be pitching for the Cardinals. 2 more years of college tho. his folks are insisting on that. But is changing to Arkansas, they spotted him and offered him a good deal. To good to turn down. He is a left handed pitcher.

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