In the Pursuit of Happiness

Ever since I became aware of America as a world power, I’ve struggled with my desire to support our foreign policy of engagement and my other desire to withdraw from the world in isolationism.  It mirrors my own personal conflict of wanting to engage the American society in all its splendor and at the same time to isolate myself from all the personal problems inherent in becoming integrated into the entanglements that can develop upon joining the myriad threads of our society.  It’s so much easier and uncomplicated to manage one’s life by limiting the number of contacts we make as we journey though life’s one-way street.  In the end most of us do not make an all-or-none choice; we compromise and gravitate toward a manageable medium.

Americans seem to be everywhere in the world.  No matter where a natural disaster occurs, Americans are there and need assistance of some kind or another from the American Government to escape danger.  If there is a tragic plane crash, you can bet there are probably Americans on board who perished.  If a war breaks out somewhere, you can bet Americans are there and need to be evacuated by the American authorities.  Why is that?

America is a prosperous and free country.  With freedom comes the possibility for its citizens to pursue happiness, whatever that is for them.  (The following sentence reminds me of Lucky Day giving his speech of inspiration to the people of Santa Poco to resist the bandito El Guapo in the 1986 movie The Three Amigos.)  For some, the pursuit of financial gain (business) is their goal; for some, the pursuit of helping others less fortunate is their calling; for some, it is the call of foreign service; and for others, their journey abroad is educational or for fun in the form of a vacation.  When countries are prosperous and its citizens are free, it is only natural those citizens will chase their dreams in numerous countries that welcome investors, entertainers, visitors, students, vacationers, and etc.  Americans don’t force their way into other countries, they are invited.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.  

 South Korea is a small geographical country a little larger than the State of Indiana400px-Suanbo_Hills with a population close to 49 million people.  It is prosperous and free, and like the United States’ citizens, Korean citizens can be found throughout the world doing the same things that American citizens are doing.  Wherever people are free, they will travel to foreign lands in pursuit of happiness however they define it, for it is part of the human character to do so.  The host country accepts foreigners when they believe some benefit accrues to them by doing so.  It has been that way since the beginning of time for us humans.  When humans are free they will go to the ends of the earth in pursuit of happiness.  garland dale

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