Mom & Pop News & Thoughts 09-02-09

Your mother is still working at Jay’s D-n-B, which stands for “Dogs & Burgers.”  We don’t know how much longer Jay can keep the place open as business has been slow.  I suppose your mother will continue to work there as long as she receives compensation.  She likes the hours and the grill is just a hop-skip-&-jump down the road.  Sometimes she acts like a mother to Jay, giving him helpful advice, I believe.  Your mother told me yesterday that she and her two sisters might go to the United States in April of next year, 2010, when a blessed event will take place.  We pray every day for Nani & a successful full-term.  Your mother bought a new Dimchae Kimchi refrigerator.  She always wanted one & bought it with a down payment & terms of paying the remainder within 6-months.  She purchased the chest frig at Hi-Mart.  She continues to watch drama programs, visit her sisters regularly, and take her daily morning walks for her health.

As for me, my lifting routine at the Smile Fitness Center has evolved into a lower & upper body regimen, five or six days per week.  One day I do exercise from the chest down, and then the next day from the chest up.  On the chest down day I add stationary biking for cardio, at a light pedal resistance at the #2 position.  I have toned down the weight considerably in my bench and use mostly machines at a much lighter weight for my other exercises.  The doctor had some blood work done last month and found my cholesterol was a little high.  I had another test this week; and if my cholesterol is still high, he said he’ll prescribe some meds for me to reduce the level in my blood.  I’ll find out tomorrow the results of my test

How about those hot Cards.  With the addition of Holliday, DeRosa, Luga, & Smoltz they are primed & ready for the playoffs.  As of this day they are 23 games above .500.  I can’t believe their good fortune in acquiring all these key players.  Smoltz still throws his fast ball in the low 90s and has an excellent slider.  With Holliday batting fourth Pujols doesn’t receive too many intentional walks now.  Wainwright, Carpenter, & Pineiro are among the best three pitchers in the National League.  I know it’s not possible, but I expect them to win every time they put their uniform on and take the field.  It’s really fun when you have a team like they have right now.

An observations with a statement first:  We humans feel a need to fill-up our spaces.  Whether we live in an efficiency apartment, a small or large house, or a mansion, we have a tendency to fill-up every space of our abode and run out of room.  I can imagine the Indian wife asking her husband for a larger Teepee; I can imagine the Eskimo wife asking her husband for a bigger igloo; and I can imagine the Queen asking the King for a larger castle.  Countries run out of room and sometimes wage war for more land.  When we moved into our small efficiency apartment a little less than a year ago we had room for everything we owned.  Now, we are forced to be creative in living in our full apartment.  I do declare, “we filled-up our space once again.”

One other observation.  If you don’t occupy your space, you don’t own it.  One might say he owns a house, but if someone else lives there and will not let the owner in, does he really own it?  If he then cannot force him out of his house, does he own it?  Instinctively, humans know unless you possess the land, or whatever, you don’t really own it.  I can say, this woman is my wife, but if she lives with another, is she really my wife.  Maybe by contract she still is, but it matters little if she is not available to me.  I’m not saying legal or social contracts don’t matter, but it means little if you can’t enforce it.  garland dale

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