We Fill-up Our Space, a poem by garland dale


We fill-up our space,

no matter our social position;

no matter if we live in a one-room apartment,

a modest house, or a mansion,

We fill-up our space.

If you don’t believe me,

take a look around & see for yourself.

If you still don’t believe me,

move to another space &

see the accumulation you wrought.

We fill-up our space at all levels:

Individuals, groups, organizations, & countries,

from our small abode to our national boundary.


The land barons fight range wars for more space;

countries start wars for more land;

home owners add rooms & storage buildings.

Riding a packed bus recently to Seoul,

I noticed a lady’s handbag bursting with stuff.

It is our nature to fill-up our space.

Just look around & see for yourself.

                                   garland dale

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