“Who Will Watch the Home Place”

Laurie Lewis & the Bluegrass Pals sing one of the most poignant songs I’ve heard in quite a while. It’s a moving song about the death of a loved one & the loving home they make & keep for us. When the anchor of our life is snapped-up by the grip of death, we must pause from our daily busy schedule to take stock of our future life without the one person who is always there for us.  Common to all humanity our loss is accompanied by disbelief, sadness, uncertainty, & grief.  During those trying hours we most likely feel numb as we go through the scheduled arrangements happening all around us.  Events we normally look forward to now seem meaningless & without purpose.  What will we do without that person who succored us through our many trials & challenges? What will become of us without them? Who will help us now?

Without them by our side our life feels empty & meaningless. Our old joys vanish and any new song must wait until the the light of purpose once again shines forth upon our path.  No-one can answer for us the meaning of our life during our time of grief for we must endure the pain of  losing a precious member of our personhood, much like losing an arm or a leg. Meaning returns only when a state of readiness emerges through our sorrow, much like the growth & emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon. Until the time is right, grief will continue to work its mysterious magic.

As I am a man of humble means, the youtube.com playback is from a live session without all the bells & whistles of the professional sound stage, but it is free.   Despite the lack of electronic sophistication to capture all the rich tones of her voice, the live performance produces for me a wonderful experience that bring smiles to my face & tears to my eyes. I’m mesmerized by its words of wisdom & the bluegrass voice & melody. Who Will Watch the Home Place

Wayfarin’ Strangergarland dale

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