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Stan the Man: 1920 – 2013

Stanley F. Musial played ball when everything seemed simpler. There were 8-teams in        each league, and only the winners played in the World Series. The season consisted of 152-games, and most players worked in the off season to supplement their income. Steroids … Continue reading

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Pallet on the Floor

As a youngster, when we went to visit for a night or two, there weren’t always enough beds for us children. In that case the woman of the house made us a pallet on the floor. It consisted usually of … Continue reading

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Titanic & Sultana: April Tragedies

There is no doubt that the Titanic deserves its tragic place in history. The historical account of the Titanic is riveting and ripe with stories about the famous and rich enjoying the luxurious, open decks above, to the poor immigrants … Continue reading

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Sadaka, the First SuperStar!

Let’s take a long walk back into history some 30,000 years ago when Sadaka, an African warrior, formed the first bow stave out of wood and tethered it to a string made out of antelope sinew to form a formidable and useful instrument. Working diligently … Continue reading

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The Great Appalachian Storm of 1950, Part 4 of 4

Bobby’s maternal grandmother lived conveniently a short distance from his house, giving him ample occasion to visit her after his dad’s death. As her 1st grandchild she worried about him more now and paid extra attention to his wants & needs. Her oldest daughter … Continue reading

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The Great Appalachian Storm of 1950, Part 3 of 4

Most of what took place during the funeral will forever remain absent from Bobby’s memory except for two final scenes that are filled with emotional pain and flashes of faded images. Those scenes occurred during the final viewing of his father’s corpse. It all happened in a simple wooden Church next to the Ebenezer grave yard. Whether regular church services occurred … Continue reading

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The Great Appalachian Storm of 1950, Part 2 of 4

In scene 3   A fine lady of the community finds Bobby playing in a corner of his house as late morning visitors continue to file by to view the body of his dead father.  The sun is shinning brightly through the front room picture window, revealing … Continue reading

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