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Stan the Man: 1920 – 2013

Stanley F. Musial played ball when everything seemed simpler. There were 8-teams in        each league, and only the winners played in the World Series. The season consisted of 152-games, and most players worked in the off season to supplement their income. Steroids … Continue reading

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Titanic & Sultana: April Tragedies

There is no doubt that the Titanic deserves its tragic place in history. The historical account of the Titanic is riveting and ripe with stories about the famous and rich enjoying the luxurious, open decks above, to the poor immigrants … Continue reading

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From the Past: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Motorcycle

I discovered history from a song & a picture.  The British-made Vincent motor cycle is considered a  classic & highly sought after by collectors.  Russell Wright got the World Land Speed Record at Swannanoa with a Vincent HRD motorcycle in … Continue reading

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“The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”-Slim Dusty

I came across a very touching song about WW 1 sung by Slim Dusty of Australia.  The song & the pictures of the video form a compelling story of a returning WW 1 soldier arriving home after losing his legs … Continue reading

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