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Pallet on the Floor

As a youngster, when we went to visit for a night or two, there weren’t always enough beds for us children. In that case the woman of the house made us a pallet on the floor. It consisted usually of … Continue reading

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From the Past: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Motorcycle

I discovered history from a song & a picture.  The British-made Vincent motor cycle is considered a  classic & highly sought after by collectors.  Russell Wright got the World Land Speed Record at Swannanoa with a Vincent HRD motorcycle in … Continue reading

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“Wayfaring Stranger”

During our darkest hours, songs assist us in relieving the stress & strain associated with the darkness that comes to us all—some more, some less—but darkness comes physically & naturally to us all.  Songs soothe us during those difficult times … Continue reading

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“The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”-Slim Dusty

I came across a very touching song about WW 1 sung by Slim Dusty of Australia.  The song & the pictures of the video form a compelling story of a returning WW 1 soldier arriving home after losing his legs … Continue reading

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“Who Will Watch the Home Place”

Laurie Lewis & the Bluegrass Pals sing one of the most poignant songs I’ve heard in quite a while. It’s a moving song about the death of a loved one & the loving home they make & keep for us. … Continue reading

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